Amrutha Raj – Staff Nurse,UK

“I have joined ASEPN third batch in period of 2021-22. I successfully completed OET exam with overall 4 B in my first attempt because of training from ASEPN and ODEPC. Unfortunately, my mother had unexpected death as a result I was unable to attend one-week offline program and rest of online classes. I have completed observation ship of six months in government medical college Thiruvananthapuram as an emergency and triage nurse, there I got plenty of clinical exposure on emergency nursing care procedures. I got an opportunity to work as Accident and Emergency Nurse in Oxford University Hospital in UK”

Vishnupriya S

“I have joined ASEPN third batch (2021-22), hereby convey my gratitude towards the whole ASEPN team that, I attended OET classes conducted by ODEPC and I cleared OET with an overall B in my first attempt. Thanking you all teachers and faculties they are worked behind my success. I also participated the online classes regarding nursing skills by ASEPN that helped me to brush up my nursing knowledge and skills”

Jeena S

“I completed my ASEPN nursing course 1st batch and successfully got my OET. My processing for Ireland completed and an employer selected me for their nursing home as a staff nurse. I am grateful for the entire team of ASEPN for making my dream come true”

Roshni R Thayyil

“I has successfully completed Advanced Skill Enhancement Program in Nursing (ASEP-N) as well as I has completed six months’ observation in Critical Care unit of major hospital. After that I did OET, through that I have got an opportunity to work in London”

Dettin Mathew

“I had attended ASEP-N course imparted to the third batch during 2021-22. By attending the course, I could win OET with an overall B. My experience, with heartfelt thanks, I can say that I received newest information in the field of nursing during online and offline classes taken by expert teachers. I’m to say that, all this helped me secure a nursing career by attending an interview for fresher’s in April this year. The interviewers were of Oxford university hospitals, NHS, UK. I hereby express my sincere thanks to the excellent and expert ASEPN team who helped me attain the target”