When I joined REACH Certification Program, I was unsure about the outcome. I had got married by then and was not in a state to go for a job. There was a long gap after my education and never imagined that I could start my career late in life.

The trainings at REACH taught me to overcome my inhibitions and mingle and maintain friendly yet professional relationships. The faculty taught a lot of things that created a positive impact in my life. I started understanding that there is something to be learned from everyone. AT REACH, I wrote a Personal Journal which helped me look back into my life – it helped me relive my school and college days and reminded me of my aspirations and energy.

I could identify my qualities and skills. I became confident to handle any situation and I developed a positive attitude towards everything in life. There was a visible change in my personality and I became confident in life.REACH gave me confidence and removed all fears regarding the first job.

I am currently working with Sacremento Ventures – a Bangalore based organisation as Co-ordinator. Now I am managing my family and work side by side. REACH was truly a blessing for me. REACH gave me the confidence and communication skills to work as a professional.